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Kubernetes Engineering Services

Cloud-native patterns have an increased adoption in Enterprises for software and data workloads. As Microservices architectures and containerization emerge as prominent enterprise architecture patterns, Kubernetes is often the central piece to a zoo of technologies which are used together for specific use cases. The scope of Kubernetes also extends to running DataOps/MLOps workloads in some cases.

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Application Modernization
Application assessment to evaluate the feasibility of refactoring, understand dependencies and develop various strategies for modernization. We also provide delivery services to implement the modernization roadmap.
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Kubernetes based application dev and hosting platforms
Design and deployment of Kubernetes vendor platforms like Anthos, Rancher, RedHat Openshift, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) , EKS, GKE in on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios. Streamline operations with Kubernetes and cloud native technologies.
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Secure CI/CD pipelining
Setup or migration to a new DevSecOps tool chain. Expertise in open-source and vendor specific DevOps tooling. Moving security to the left of the CI/CD pipelines and a zero-trust approach, to secure your application in the early stages of software delivery supply chain and runtime attacks.
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Observability and Monitoring
Instrument open-source and vendor specific tooling to gain visibility into health and performance of the application and infrastructure landscape.
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Site Reliability Engineering Services
Managed services with mutually agreed SLO, SLI, and SLA to ensure the uptime of your mission critical applications and infrastructure.
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To assess current maturity, run GAP analysis, ATA mapping (adopt, trial, assess various tools), strategy and roadmap definition to streamline Kubernetes adoption and operations.
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