Retail Security

Retail Security

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The Problem

The client wanted to strengthen its core security framework in line with expanding global operations. Due to the evolving nature of threats and vulnerabilities, it needed to spruce up its threat detection and response to drive a singular business outcome – prevention of unauthorized hacks 24 x 7 x 365. Its base security layer was vulnerable to new age hacks and obtrusive access attempts. In order to ensure secure operations and prevent loss of client confidence, we wanted to improve their state of enterprise security to make it more impactful and better responsive in identifying and eliminating threats before they damage the integrity and security of the IT infrastructure.

The Solution

At AdFolks, we were mandated to provide the next gen security advantage in the form of an enterprise-wide flow & log management data analytics platform. We have deployed a security solution that proactively fights threats with event correlation analytics. This helps in processing any kind of log data generated from multiple heterogeneous sources.

We deployed OpsBrew to make both network security and host security alerts searchable. It also ensures a strict check on the integrity of logs so that no log is missed ever. This way, the IT security team need not spend a lot of time on getting information on essential KPIs like Top Applications by Traffic, Main Traffic Destinations by Host IP, or Key Traffic Sources by IP address.

OpsBrew delivers immense value as a log management & analytics platform that redirects the flow of logs from applications, network devices etc. from a centralized log storage to various SIEM tools. It is an ANY to ANY architecture that relieves the security team on vendor lock-in and associated heavy storage costs.

The solution delivers deeper insights into network and storage utilization across devices, servers, applications, and organizations. It extends the functionality of log management to go beyond mere collecting, parsing and storing the logs. It assists the IT team to analyze logs & harness the security intelligence for driving a better state of enterprise level security.

The Benefit

The client’s enterprise IT security system gets a major credibility thrust with the new age flow & log management data analytics platform deployed on their end. With this, they can easily have total control over the prevalent threats that could sabotage their data integrity and confidentiality. With proactive monitoring, they are able to avert attacks at both network and host level. The underlying architecture of searchable logs improves the efficiency of the IT security team that uses OpsBrew for security and compliance purposes. The platform enables real-time availability of systems, processes, and data, along with proactive data management via a flexible search and indexing interface. This enables the client organization to identify and detect security breaches as they happen. This way, they can implement remediation measures to prevent damage, bring down the IT downtime, and ensure business continuity. There are 3 key advantages delivered by the solutions deployed on the client’s end – Keeping a tap on the system vulnerabilities to be able to patch them in time and harden the security state – Monitoring the attacks live both on Host and Network level to prevent any breaches in a timely manner. This allows the client organization to instantly view network traffic organized in an easy to understand reporting and dashboard and user defined filters to monitor specific traffic. – Keeping raw logs in a searchable and archived form in case of security incidents for DFIR as well as compliance purposes to meet various standards