On Premise App Migration to Cloud

On Premise App Migration to Cloud

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AdFolks helped an IT technology service provider with DC migration to cloud. The client being a small firm could not bear high financial commitment and hence Adfolks suggested SaaS version of DC as a solution as it can bring the product to such price sensitive customers.

The Problem

Our Client, a small technology service provider based out of India was facing issues with their current DC architecture as their document management system was deployed on servers located in the data centers of customer organizations. This means customers have to take care of the infrastructure, and have technical personnel to maintain it. The amount of required hardware depends on the amount and the complexity of processing data. Hence they were looking a solution with features like on-demand capacity, easier customer maintenance and platform provided features.

The Solution

At AdFolks, we designed a simple maintenance model of cloud computing for our client. Prior to the solution deployment, our client was oriented to big and medium size organizations that have enough resources, own infrastructure, and technical personnel to install and run the system. Furthermore, the license cost was quite high. Potential customers such as small companies cannot afford our client data management solution, facing too big financial commitments. Some of them would like to use the system inconstantly and pay only for the amount of compared data. The current system was distributed across many customers.

To address the above, we implemented a cloud version of the on-premise enterprise application for Microsoft Azure platform. High compatibility with Azure and easy deployment were the main reasons for choosing this platform. The application cloud prototype was used to evaluate the performance and the cost of the system in a cloud environment. We investigated the behavior of the system against different deployment locations, testing materials, scale and load. Our finding helped client to make a final decision regarding cloud adoption.

The Benefit

An upfront controlled investment which provided our client with an on-demand capacity to manage their document management system on the client site. The biggest opportunity that our harped on was the potential for more sale and entry into an all together a new customer segment.