Network and Security Monitoring

Network and Security Monitoring

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The Problem

A banking client wanted to continuously monitor their network, security devices and servers as well as the end hosts for intrusion and breach attempts via a single dashboard. The main hurdle being that the security solutions for providing such a broad visibility are either extremely heavy on the pocket or extremely difficult to set up, integrate and maintain in case of open source solutions. Our client, being a small regional bank had slim budget and was looking for a solution that is most effective, at the same time, should not exceed their spending limit.

The Solution

While designing a solution for the client, Adfolks made sure they adhere to and deliver on the client’s criterion. OpsBrew is an in-house cost effective log management solution developed by Adfolks. We deployed OpeBrew in client’s infrastructure which gave them a single pane view. Deploying across the enterprise IT and cloud environments, supporting all the major operating systems and timely providing the much needed hawk-eye visibility for running a successful security operations. This was done by using custom agent integrated with Elastic Search and pre-built security dashboards.

The Benefit

The client was able to gather and access the security logs from all across their infrastructure and strengthen their overall security measures by identifying the vulnerabilities, the types of threats their infrastructure was facing and the actors behind them.