Search and Index Platform

Search and Index Platform

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The Problem

Our Client, the IT firm had index technical how to from their IT Department, HR manuals on infrastructure was not effectively using the inbuilt intranet website code for indexing. It took several minutes for a search to complete and still the results missed many pages. Thus the IT and HR team had to spend a lot of time sharing documents or attending the calls regarding the issue. A dedicated server instance with huge memory and processing power was used for running this application which remain idle except when it ran searches. This led to inefficient use to available resources.

The Solution

Adfolks came up with a solution that used the AWS Elastic Search platform with a small code change on the intranet website. When new content is added on the website an AWS Lambda function triggers the indexing to the Elastic Search. Elastic Search REST API is exposed for the website and applications to integrate the search option. As we were migrating all other work load to Kubernetes cluster for this client, this solution will be moved to Elastic Search cluster running on Kubernetes.

The Benefit

The client had following benefits from our solution - 1. Improved and fast search results 2. Search is available as an API for integration with other applications or websites 3. Cost savings on cloud hosting 4. Platform agnostic solution gave them a flexibility to freely switch platforms as per need.