Banking Data Engineering

Banking Data Engineering

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The Problem

Being a Bank, they faced challenges with data locality regulations and marketing teams need to use Marketo which is a SaaS solution. This meant sharing customer data to the SaaS solution to be able to activate engagement with their customers. The strong data privacy regulation was the bottleneck to use the SaaS solution. Overcoming this problem would enable them to increase quality engagement with their customer and eventual increase in revenue.

The Solution

Serverless computing was the solution to facilitate the data transfer from on-prem data warehouse and the SaaS solution. Adfolks implemented Azure Logic Apps to create serverless apps that would fetch data from the on-prem data warehouse to marketo, delete meta data produced in Marketo and write it back on the on-prem data warehouse. This was in alignment with the Banking regulations by not leaving any trail of data in the cloud at the same time leveraging the massive possibility of cloud serverless computing. Adfolks used Azure Functions to write custom connectors with Marketo after through study of the API services from Marketo.

The Benefit

The client can now leverage this architecture to facilitate the data transfer between core banking system and other services and not violate the strict data security compliance. The flexibility to write custom connectors helps them to not worry about vendor lock-ins with any software solution increasing the flexibility to try and test different solutions. This helped the business to focus on the business logic and not worry about gruesome data engineering workloads.