Retail Analytics workflow for Decision and Operational Dashboarding on Azure

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About Confidential
  • A highly diversified conglomerate with an international business portfolio of hypermarket operations and shopping mall development
  • standing with an annual turnover worth USD 7.4 billion
  • Needed support on building a near real-time analysis and reporting platform for speedy sales and operational understanding.
End users
  • Customer's Business Intelligence and Operational Teams
Problem Statement

Create a near real-time analysis and reporting platform for speedy sales and operational understanding.

What was needed: Have a Azure-native analytics infrastructure with workflow of Azure services for transformation, warehousing etc to support a decisioning system as well as achieve real-time and batch analytics capability.


A centralized data reporistory with ecommerce SAP data. Implemented a workflow for downstream stages of analytics lifecycle with services like Data Factory, Synapse analytics, ADLS and powerBI. Improved dashboards with added KPIs (key performance indicators) for in-depth analysis and visibility.

Desired state
Cost effective dashboarding for Operational & Business team
A cost-effective and user-friendly, real-time sales dashboard providing critical insights for quick and precise businessdecisions system that can support pipelines to provide the freshest data from operational systems
Faster analytics with unified view
Project development time has significantly reduced with a unified experience for developing and analyzing end-to-end analytics solutions.
KPI definition and Implementation
Monitor key commercial data quality across a set of key defined metrics with the ability to track improvement in data quality over time.
Highlights feature of Adfolks delivery
Formed the data lake following best practice principles for things like partitioning, data storage lifecycle policies etc
Aided the customer team to create extra dimensions for better reporting experience
Training end-user team on best practices and approaches to managing data operation on the implemented system
Adfolks delivery team
Certified Azure Team
Azure Certified Data Architects and Engineers
Strong expertise in real time platforms
Capability in implementing big data systems like Kafka, Spark etc
Experience with Lambda deployments
Expertise in implementing ETL/ELT pipelines, data warehousing, lambda and kappa architectures
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