Cloud Native SiteCore CMS upgrade for faster secure release cycles

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About Confidential
  • A leading regional property developer with adjacent retail and community business units
  • Legacy CMS solutions that have not been updated over the years
  • A large number of third party modules and out of date of templates which have prevented its further development.
End users
  • CMS Manager and internal teams
Problem Statement

The client is a leading regional property developer with adjacent retail and community business units. Their line of business application landscape included a variety of legacy CMS solutions that have not been updated over the years. The CMS utilized a number of third-party modules and out-of-date templates, which have prevented its further development. It did not talk to the current portal platform, leading to a disjointed service. The CMS did not lend itself to the rapid development of micro-sites and the search function currently in use lacks administrative functionality. The ultimate goal was to adopt the public cloud and reduce legacy maintenance, further adapting to modern technology landscape changes.

What was needed: Architect and deploy cloud-native SiteCore along with upgrading existing CMS


After initial assessment and workshops sessions to on-board proposed design and delivery plan, phased out implementation is kicked off. The onboarding and enablement of the client’s development team were conducted by establishing a CMS containerisation process and CI/CD pipeline for the same with release process improvisation.The SiteCore modules were evaluated with the required changes and deployed on top of AKS cluster with helm packaging and scanning which is controlled through Azure DevOps. Once the entire application and database were migrated, the new process was documented, and customers were onboarded to the new process.

Desired state
Seamless integration with existing platforms
The new CMS allowed customer to integrate seamlessly and securely with the new customer portal to create a platform that can meet the digital requirements for the foreseeable future and provide a much more personalised and responsive experience.
Successful transition for newbie cloud customer
Responsive to newbie cloud customer, ensuring secure configurations and internal dependency mapping.
Visibility on cloud spend
Complete visibility on cloud usage and monitoring of the same was also carried out to ensure budget mapping on cloud-spend.
Highlights feature of Adfolks delivery
SiteCore CMS Upgrade carried out in a phased approach to ensure comptability matrix and minimal disruption in operations
Simplified Software release cycle with DevOps culture centring security ensuring updated and secured migration
Education and enablement to customer team by workshops and hands-on training sessions
Adfolks delivery team
Certified Sitecore Architects & Engineers
Experience of developing successful information-rich Sitecore implementations from alpha to beta, through to live launch that are fully responsive, including front end (theming) and back end development (coding)
Secure Sitecore set up for Enterprise environment
Experience of delivering Sitecore websites that integrate with Microsoft Azure B2C and Dynamics as well as other applications and products to deliver customer authentication and personalisation
User-centered design
Experience of applying the principles of user-centred design to the development of digital solutions
CNCF recommended best practices
Cloud Native Expertise and agile delivery practices incorporating DevOps.
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